1970 ―

While developing medicated foundation, we discovered that many people suffered cosmetic dermatitis associated with pigmentation. When that was determined to be attributable to allergies, we began research and development on eliminating the offending substances (perfumes, dye, impurities, etc.) from ingredients.

1972 ―

We began joint research with a team of dermatologists led by Dr. Hideo Nakayama, then the Chief Dermatologist at Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, that was doing research on the subject of "Shedding light on perfumery and allergies." We developed ACC (Allergen Controlled Cosmetics) prototypes, which excluded ingredients that trigger cosmetic dermatitis. Through clinical trials, it was discovered that they acted as a means of auxiliary therapy for pigmentation-style cosmetic dermatitis.

1973 ―

Dr. Hideo Nakayama proposed the ""ACS (Allergen Control System)"" theory. The ACS Research Society was established to research a diagnostics, reagent, and auxiliary treatment system. The society has nine participating companies, including ACSEINE (Corp.).
ACSEINE serves as the cosmetics division.

1974 ―

Dr. Hideo Nakayama made a presentation at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Association about "Perfume allergies and cosmetic dermatitis." He designed a system (ACS) for finding allergens among the hundreds of types of perfumes and other ingredients used in cosmetics and soaps and then eliminating them from the entire contact environment of cosmetic dermatitis patients in an effort to prevent a recurrence of dermatitis.
Upon examining the system's efficacy, it was found to be extremely effective against pigmentation-style dermatitis. The presentation triggered increased social interest in cosmetics safety.

1975 ―

The Ministry of Health (now Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) decided on the contents of a list of potentially allergenic ingredients required to be labeled. With the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, this labeling became mandatory.

1977 ―

At the same time as cosmetics developed based on the "ACS (Allergen Control System)" were completed, clinical testing began in places such as the Department of Dermatology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, the Dermatology Department of Kansai Medical University, and the Osaka Kaisei Hospital Department of Dermatology.
In this year, the ACS Consulting Center was established and began offering expert counseling by pharmacists.

1979 ―

Started sales of cosmetics under the brand name Clinica.

1984 ―

Established the ACSEINE Corporation, using "ACS (Allergen Control System)" for the first few letters. Changed the brand name to ACSEINE and, at the same time, started sales of our skin care series.

1991 ―

Developed the first technology in the world to enclose all dye in microcapsules.
Released non-allergenic MC (Microcapsule) Foundation.

1993 ―

Quickly introduced oil-free, surfactant agent-free, highly functional moisturizing gel onto the market.

1995 ―

Based on the approach that a means of auxiliary therapy for atopic dermatitis = skin control = hygiene + moisturizing, we released the AD Control series, offering both safety and functionality. It contains none of the ingredients required to be labeled, and it is alcohol-free and emulsifier-free.

1996 ―

Released the Basic Skin Care (AL) series, aimed at improving the barrier function of the stratum corneum. Introduced to the market Mild Sunshield, a UV base made without a UV ray absorbent, along with makeup color products in rapid succession.
Also released FC (Fine Coat) Foundation, an improved version of the previous MC Foundation. Each of its dye pigments is coated in a thin silica film.

1998 ―

Opened our customer service telephone consultation desk, the ACSEINE Customer Center. Started more specialized beauty counseling with guidance from staff with pharmacist certifications.
Also released the Sebum Clean Up series for adult acne.

1999 ―

Focusing on the fact that UV rays cause acne, we released UV Protection, a UV base for adult acne made without a UV absorbent. Ahead of the requirement in the spring 2001 revision to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law requiring the listing of all ingredients, we began full labeling for all products released from April onwards.

2000 ―

Developed "Release Emulsion," a proprietary technology that encapsulates whitening ingredients in phospholipids similar in structure to cells. Released the White Emulsion series, which is both hypoallergenic and highly penetrative thanks to the use of this technology.
Added moisturizing and protective items to the AD Control series.

2001 ―

Developed the world's first technology that applies a thin silica film to coat not only the dye in foundation but even the tar-based (organic) dye in makeup color. Released the ACSEINE Makeup PV (Perfect Veil) series.
Also released Moistbalance, a highly functional moisturizing gel containing 80% water.

2002 ―

Released Reset Wash, a foaming face wash that acts on the skin thickening that causes a diminished barrier function.
Also released White Emulsion Cellup Gel, a gel focused on the pigmentation occurring after inflammation.

2003 ―

Released White Emulsion Cellup Eye for pigmentation in the eye area, which is vulnerable to irritants.

2004 ―

Released Super Sunshield, a UV base that's non-chemical and made without a UV absorbent, yet offers "SPF50 PA+++" protection. Offering near-perfect effects as well as safety, it counters the dryness and skin irritation caused by UV rays.

2005 ―

Released ACSEINE Sebum Clean Water AC Moist (quasi-drug), which acts more effectively on adult acne, which is sensitive to irritants and caused by dryness.
Released a revamped version of Mild Sunshield, a long-selling product enjoying continued support from dermatologists, with enhanced UV ray blocking and moisturizing effects.

2006 ―

Released ACSEINE Sebum Clean Water AC Moist Mask, whose auxiliary therapy effects on acne have been confirmed by medical institutions.

2007 ―

Developed "Multi-layer Release Emulsion," an advanced form of our proprietary technology "Release Emulsion." As it moisturizes, it delivers whitening ingredients to targeted areas, enabling an enhanced whitening effect. We also released the New White Emulsion series using this technology.

2008 ―

Developed a proprietary formula that's highly penetrative and acts on the basement membrane (the part cells are produced from). Released Cell Moisture Water, a new lotion that changes the skin structure of skin suffering from repeated dryness.

2010 ―

Focused on the fact that stress leads skin to dry out. We released Silky Moisture Foundation, made with elastic, low-friction spherical powder particles called ""cross polymers."" All its powder particles are coated in skin care ingredients with a highly moisturizing effect, giving the foundation a lightweight feel and smooth application.
At the same time, we released All Day Clear Bright Base, which forms a water-based protective coat using our proprietary ""MC Chitosan Veil"" technology, promoting the penetration of skin care ingredients and hydrating the inside of the stratum corneum while preparing the skin for smooth makeup application.

2011 ―

Pinpointed the fact that irritants and other forms of skin stress are also related to modern-day skin, in which skin aging such as declining firmness and elasticity is progressing faster than actual age.
Thanks to the development of ""Biodelivery Technology,"" which delivers the necessary ingredients where they're needed without irritation or stress, we released Future Cycle Creamy Serum, enabling aging care that's stress-free on skin and can be used every day without imposing a burden while exerting a strong effect on firmness and elasticity.

2012 ―

Focused on the fact that even though 1 in 2 women would like to block UV rays with an SPF50 product daily, they hesitate to use it due to the burden it would impose on their skin.
Released Super Sunshield EX <SPF50+><PA+++>, which, thanks to our ever-evolving protective coat technology, is non-chemical and has a high UV-blocking effect, along with an uncompromising commitment to be comfortable and impose no burden on the skin. In 2013 its UV-A ray prevention index changed from <PA+++(3 plus marks)> to <PA++++(4 plus marks)>. This made it the product with ACSEINE's highest UV blocking effect yet.
Also, for skin that won't stay hydrated despite proper moisturizing, we released Moistbalance R, a revamped version of Moistbalance, a continual favorite over 11 years. Formulated with a new ingredient that aids ceramide activity, it still has the same fresh, moist texture but with stronger moisturizing ability.

2013 ―

Further advanced our proprietary PV (Perfect Veil) technology that keeps dyes from directly touching the skin, and thanks to a new technology, the ""Airy Fit Color Keep"" formula, we released New Face Color, which consists of 4 categories -- eyeshadow, eyebrow color, cheek color, and highlighter -- and offers a lightweight texture, bright coloring with no dullness, and a comfortable, snug fit.
Also released Lip Gloss that envelops moisture on the lips via a seal effect and a lamellar effect created by interwoven layers of color and water. It brings in light, creating a plump and lustrous look without imposing a burden on chapped lips.

2016 ―

Focused on the fact that the environment for modern-day skin is imposing a lot of internal and external damage, and many women have problems with dryness and a tendency toward sensitive skin.
Released Moistbalance Lotion, a new moisturizing lotion that is meticulously committed not only to supplying moisture, which is the starting point for healthy skin, but also to its quality and quantity, in order to cope with the dryness concerns of modern-day women.

2017 ―

Skin's environment becomes more severe with every passing year and the risks to sensitive skin are increasing, causing a tendency toward increased sensitivity to UV rays as well. We focused on the fact that modern-day women facing those conditions are suffering from dryness, dullness, rough skin, and other skin problems.
Released Supershield Bright Veil, a cover-type sunscreen base cream with enhanced skin tone correcting effects, to meet the needs of women suffering from skin problems that cannot be covered fully by Super Sunshield EX.

2018 ―

In the frequently exposed neck and décolleté area, skin is thin and sensitive to irritants, and the arms have little sebum and dry out easily, so these areas are known to be vulnerable to UV damage. But awareness of the need for daily care is still low, so they are often left unprotected.
Released Super Sunshield Bright Fit, a sunscreen milky lotion for face and body that offers a high (SPF50+) UV ray blocking effect, is gentle on the skin, makes the skin look beautiful, and fits comfortably on the body every day.