In order to comply with the law regarding protection of confidential information, PITH Beauty Pro Co,. Ltd. (herein after referred to as "The Company") have proceeded an operation to protect customers personal information (Name, address, email, telephone number, birthday date) through the policy as follows. Other campaigns or special services might have a different privacy policy. Thus, please read the conditions for further understanding.

1. Personal Information Collection Statement

The company will proceed appropriately towards the information received from all individuals. The company will not perform any disclosure for other purposes without the consensus previously agreed. (Law is not applicable) The conversation might be recorded in order to reaffirm the messages of the conversation.

2. Personal Information Management

The company will manage customers’ personal information appropriately and be determined in protecting the leak of information. Moreover, the company has a highly secured and appropriate standard in personal information management in order to prevent alteration, damage, unauthorized access or data loss. In case the company needs an outsource personnel, the company will proceed and advise these outsource employees  in order to ensure that the data has been transferred through contracts in a proper manner.

3. Personal Information Usage

The company will use the data collected from customers for the purposes as follow:
    3.1. To notify customers via online portals regarding advertisement and other campaigns
    3.2. To confirm purchase order and delivery status
    3.3. To inquire customers regarding product quality and services 
    3.4. To collect particulars for campaigns, event, surveys and to reward participants
    3.5. To send magazines.
    3.6. To ask customers for comments in order to improve our products and services.
    3.7. To provide customers information regarding special services and new products.
    3.8. To answer questions received from customers.

The company will make use of the data received from customers appropriately to protect the rights of the customer. Additionally, the company will not use the information for other purposes which are not stated earlier without the consent from customers. (Unless the law requires to OR the customers have previously agreed to disclose)

4. Information Disclosure

In order to fully satisfy customer needs, the company may share customers’ personal information to subsidiaries within the necessary scope. In this case, the company will be responsible in personal information management.

5. Organizing, Disclosure, Amendment and Personal Information Usage Suspension

The company has no policy to share your personal information with third party unless:
    5.1. The customers have agreed to disclose their personal information to the third party.
    5.2. The company has received concerns from law enforcement institutions such as The Court or The Police.
    5.3. When actions done on website might cause a damage towards property or the company services; therefore, it is necessary to proceed for further actions to prevent the damage that may occurred. 
    5.4. When the data has to be used immediately in emergency situation to protect human physical conditions and property which is difficult to ask the consent from the customers.
    5.5. When collaborating with subsidiaries within the necessary cope to react towards customer complaints.

6. Internal Maintenance

The company is highly determined to protect customers’ personal information by consecutively implementing internal regulations considering personal information protection based on the privacy policy and direct command of personal information management  towards employees.

7. Internet Cookies

Some Internet Cookies will be used on some of the pages of the website. Internet Cookies serve as a medium, used as a communicational technology between the website servers and the web browser. Through Internet Cookies, we can track the browser used but it shall not indicate customers’ personal information. Internet History may be recorded in order to facilitate internet usage productively. Cookies are used widely on various websites to improve customers convenience and serve as a standard technology of the internet by showing advertisement to all customers and collecting statistics when there is any service used by the company partners, The data retrieved from Internet Cookies will be reported to the company and business partners including Internet traffic of the website; from this information, there might be an advertisement submission sent to other websites that the users have viewed previously. Users can change their Cookies Settings and block them.

If the cookies are blocked, Internet users may not be able to use some service of the website. Additionally, it may depend on the user’s environment (Browser Settings, Internet Connection) which makes it unable to block Internet Cookies in some case.

8. Inspection

The company will inspect the method used in personal information protection and will proceed the operation which seems appropriate according to the situation for further improvements.
Please be noted that the company may change the privacy policy without prior notice.
The amended policies will be shown on this page. 

9. Questions

Please do contact Customer Services Centre (02-xxxxxxx) if you have any concern/request regarding the privacy policy, editing customers information, information disclosure  or Social Media Suspension