Hypoallergenic & highly functional
ACSEINE bases its view of beauty on the essence of skin physiology

Cosmetics help women to look more beautiful. Living in the modern world, we take for granted that those cosmetics are safe.

And yet, in the 1970s, allergies to cosmetic items had serious effects on many women's skin, sometimes causing the very act of wearing makeup to be viewed as dangerous.
ACSEINE got its start by teaming up with dermatologists to conduct joint research on theories aimed at avoiding a repeat of these kinds of cosmetic allergies.

ACS Allergen Control System

The three letters "A.C.S." are the essence of ACSEINE's origins.
They stand for "Allergen Control System," which refers to an auxiliary therapeutic system established with the goal of seeking out allergy-causing allergens (substances that cause skin irritations), removing them from everyday life, and preventing the allergies' recurrence.
In 1973, ACSEINE teamed up with dermatologists and 9 companies to establish the ACS Research Society, which serves as its cosmetics division and continues to develop cosmetic items today.

In the 21st century, skin's environment is becoming increasingly harsh, and skin problems are becoming more complicated.
Against that backdrop, ACSEINE continues to preserve its own essence, namely A.C.S., while pursuing solutions based on the latest skin physiology. We work to develop hypoallergenic cosmetics that won't cause allergies and that deliver noticeable results, as we strive to help modern-day skin become more beautiful.