The answer to beautiful skin full of firmness and elasticity
Stress-free on skin*1,
a new style of aging care*2.

Aging problems are not caused only by age.
For skin that is repeatedly exposed to stress and irritants, "time" advances unexpectedly quickly. At the same time, the skin's condition tends to become unstable.

Based on its research performance on irritants thus far, ACSEINE has made repeated technological innovations as it relentlessly pursues formulas that have a definite effect and yet are stress-free on skin*1 and don't impose a burden.
The company poured all of its results into its Future Cycle Creamy Serum.

*1 Depicts the feeling of a cosmetic item that doesn't expose skin to irritants or impose a burden on the skin.

*2 Skin care tailored to one's age.

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