Formulated with dyes that don't touch the skin directly.
Even when skin is sensitive,
you can be beautiful to your heart's content.

The main cause of skin irritations and allergies from makeup products is dye.
ACSEINE has pursued technologies designed to protect skin from irritation by dyes. The result of that effort is ACSEINE's proprietary technology "PV = Perfect Veil."
With this technology, the iron oxide that is one of the inorganic dyes used in foundation, etc., and the organic (tar-based) dyes that are essential to makeup color are coated with a thin, transparent silica film.
It draws out your inherent beauty without any dye touching your skin directly.


5 effects of our proprietary technology "PV = Perfect Veil."

  • Dyes don't touch the skin directly, so it's gentle on the skin
  • Light veil effect lets light through beautifully, eliciting a translucent look.
  • Even on rough skin, it goes on smoothly and fits beautifully
  • Vivid, beautiful coloring that's the first of its kind
  • Prevents dyes from oxidizing, for bright color that doesn't get dull